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God wants us to . . .

I’d like to add (to the previous post about a “bullet-point snapshot”) one more way of trying to get our arms around a book of God in terms of summarizing its primary purpose. In order to pull it all together and take it with us, how would you complete this sentence? (From 1 Thessalonians . . .)

God wants us to . . .

This is our goal in studying a book of God: to know what God wants–to know and do his will, in other words. For 1 Thessalonians, I’ll take a stab:

God wants us to keep on growing, no matter what.

Of course, we then need to expand these ideas to include the material from the book. We want to define “growing” (“sanctification”) to include both, fundamental teachings (about the 2nd coming of Christ, for example) and living (learning to create and build marriages in sanctification and honor, for example). We’d want to expand “no matter what” to include the idea of suffering for our faith (as the Thessalonians were doing).

So . . . how would you complete the sentence “God wants us to . . .” from your study of 1 Thessalonians? Anybody brave enough to share some examples in the comments? 🙂

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