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Bullet-Point Snapshot of 2 Thessalonians

In the past, I might not have looked to 2 Thessalonians as a major source of guidance and exhortation when thinking about books of the Bible–but as sort of an appendage to 1 Thessalonians. I don’t think that anymore.

As part of the 6-Steps of Bible Study, we like to make a summary or snapshot of a book of the Bible to help us encapsulate and remember the main points. How about this as a title and summary of 2 Thessalonians:

“A Prescription for Spiritual Health”

2:13: . . . chosen “for salvation through the sanctification of the Spirit and belief in the truth”

2 Thessalonians B-P Snapshot

• Don’t worry: At the right time, Jesus will come again and set things straight
• Stand and hold: Tradition and teaching matter (or simply: truth matters)
• Work hard: So you can live and share the gospel effectively
• Stay engaged: “Don’t ever get tired of doing good”
• Ring a bell—loud and clear—so others can follow and can stay in step

Snippets (how about a “snip-shot”?)

1. Don’t worry . . . (because you put your faith in God and his plans for the future)
2. Stand and hold . . .
3. Work hard . . .
4. Engage for good . . .
5. Point the way . . .

Someone Might Preach a Sermon

Suffering . . . and waiting for Jesus
Standing for truth
Working hard
Engaging for good
Helping others stay the course

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