Backpacking Ephesians

I just finished another small group study of Ephesians; and, as you may know, I like to encourage folks to list what they believe are the top 3 or 4 main things God wants us to learn/do from a book, and then to come up with a title that would make a good summary or […]

Bullet-Point Snapshot of 2 Thessalonians

In the past, I might not have looked to 2 Thessalonians as a major source of guidance and exhortation when thinking about books of the Bible–but as sort of an appendage to 1 Thessalonians. I don’t think that anymore. As part of the 6-Steps of Bible Study, we like to make a summary or snapshot […]

God wants us to . . .

I’d like to add (to the previous post about a “bullet-point snapshot”) one more way of trying to get our arms around a book of God in terms of summarizing its primary purpose. In order to pull it all together and take it with us, how would you complete this sentence? (From 1 Thessalonians . […]

Bullet-Point Snapshot of 1 Thessalonians

As part of the PRAISE method of Bible reading, described on the 6 Bible Study Steps page, Step 1: Pray Step 2: Read Step 3: Analyze Step 4: Interpret Step 5: Summarize Step 6: Exercise Step # 5 is to make a list of the top 3-5 points or purposes of the book (= a […]

God Desires . . .

Since we don’t have a lot of time in our online meetings and now that we are moving into the “so-what,” living side of the letter, I think I’ll begin asking some application questions. Eph 4:1-16 is—at least in one sense—the focal point of the letter, since it contains the first and main “Request” of […]

A Refrigerator-Posted Prayer

One of the most famous, refrigerator-posted, prayers of the Bible is found in Ephesians 3:14-21, and I understand why: it’s a powerfully worded prayer that asks for things every Christian wants, as it reminds us that God is able to do much more than anything we can ask or think: things like (1) being strengthened […]

The Calling . . . the Inheritance . . . the Power (Part 2)

Last week I suggested that Paul deals with the 3 explicitly listed themes (1:18-19) in order in Eph 2:1-3:13. The “triadic themes” of Ephesians are developed, I think, like this: 2:1-10: the hope of his calling 2:11-22: the glorious riches of his inheritance among the saints 3:1-13: the surpassing greatness of his power upon us […]