“Get into Shape” or “Make a Map”

The Week 1 Ephesians Study Guide has two main goals: (1) become familiar with the content of Ephesians (by reading it several times) and (2) discover the basic 3-part shape of the text. Most genres of written communication have some sort of Introduction and some sort of Conclusion, which means they have a beginning, a […]

If you can answer this . . .

If you can answer this, I believe you will have great insight into the Bible book of Ephesians. This is sort of a pre-study test question, one that I hope will guide you to make some important discoveries as you explore Ephesians. Here it is: Why did Paul write Ephesians in the language and style […]

God’s Priorities

What are God’s priorities? . . . for you? . . . for me? And how do we know? The only sure way we can know is if God tells us. That’s why the books of God (in the library of God—what we call the Bible) are so important. But how can we know and […]


Welcome to the discussion on anything about reading and understanding the Bible, stemming primarily from my 2 volume book set, Inkblotitis: Christianity’s Dangerous Disease.  We’ll start with the first few paragraphs from the introduction of Book 1: What if I told you we were in danger of losing one of the most valuable gifts of […]