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Bible Book of the Month Club

The Bible Book for December is . . . Matthew.

Join us as part of a unique and exciting new way to read and study the Bible.  We call it the “Bible Book of the Month Club” (BBMC).  It’s completely voluntary.  You can get in or out at any time, and there’re no obligations or commitments.  In other words, you’re not signing up for anything.

Very Short Description

Tobe a part of the Bible Book of the Month Club (the BBMC), you only have to do 2 things: (1) read a book from the Bible during the month and (2) frame it—give the book a title that expresses the primary purpose/point of the book and list the top 3 points or themes.  The “frame” helps us remember (and live) what the book is about. That’s it: read it and frame it. 

The Long Version

Here’s how it works.  We read a book of the Bible for a month—as many times as you want during that month (at least once, or there’s not much point! 😉)  At the end of the month, you then do 2 things (answer 2 questions):

1. Give the book a title (besides the titles in the Bible, like “Matthew” or “Mark”).  What title do you believe would capture the primary point or purpose of the book?  In other words, if you had written it, what would you call it?

For example, here’s one someone suggested for Ephesians (the 3 “E”s of Ephesians):

Be Enlightened, Be Encouraged, and Be Empowered . . . by Being the Church

            And for Mark:

Following Jesus on the Way (of the Cross)

The purpose here is to encourage us to read the entire book as a single, complete document (not chopped up by chapters, verses,or whatever).  This will also encourage us to read it multiple times as we try to figure out how everything fits together for the overall, primary purpose or purposes.

2. Make a list of the top 3 things that you think God is trying to teach us in this book.  In question form, What are the top 3 key points or themes of the book?  Obviously, this will help us integrate the various chapters and sections of the book into a brief list of key themes and ideas.

That’s it.  Then we post our results online at the end (obviously, this is optional as well).  That way, we can share the things we’ve learned and see how much similarity (or not) there is in the way we summarize and express the key teachings.  As we go and develop this process, we will also try to provide a place for people to ask questions and discuss subjects during the month (as we read).  We may also have an online discussions during the process and/or at the end of the month, if there is enough interest in something like that.

To summarize:

  1. Read it: Read a book from the Bible over the course of a month (maybe several times).
  2. Frame it: To “frame” it, give the book a title that captures the primary point or purpose and make a list of the top 3 themes or ideas you believe the book teaches.

We can then share the results in various ways online and at the end of the month.

Now think about that.  How cool would it be that after each month (that you participate)–from your own reading experience–you know some of the most important points of a book of God and a way to remember what that book is about!?  That’s what the “Bible Book of the Month Club” is all about.  And we’re going to start with the first book of the New Testament, usually referred to as “The Gospel of Matthew” or just “Matthew.”

The Bible book for December 2018 is Matthew.

If you want to participate, you don’t have to do a thing—to participate, that is.  Just do it.  If you would like to let us know who you are (so we can have  a sense of our growing community), give us your email address, and we’ll keep you in the loop for potential web discussions and other things.  You can email Greg at Dr.GregFay@earthlink.net or use the Contact screen on this website.

Like an Art Class

Being a part of the Bible Book of the Month Club is sort of like going to a painting class.  A book of the Bible is the object we are painting.  Read it: Reading the book, preferably several times, is the observation and admiration part of the experience.  Frame it: Giving the book a title and listing the top 3 points is how we put it in a “frame”—it’s how we capture the content of the experience in a way that we can take it home with us, remember it, admire it, and live by it.  The Bible Book of the Month Club is about reading and framing books of the Bible—it’s a way to get into the wonderful “art” of reading the Bible

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