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Spring 2014
6 Weeks: February 9 – March 22
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What is our oldest/first recorded words of God in the New Testament? Though obviously many events took place during the life of Jesus and after his death that we learn about in scripture, as far as we know, one of, if not the, oldest/first writing in the New Testament is Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians (some think Galatians might have been first). How exciting to think about hearing what a young Paul would say to one of his very young, earliest churches. What is important enough to say to some of the earliest, non-Jewish followers of Jesus? Everything is new and radical, extremely fresh, and, in that sense, vulnerable. What’s more, something difficult has happened: they are suffering for their faith. Paul’s been gone for a while—longer than they would like. They want to hear from him and see him again. He wants desperately to go to them and be with them, but he can’t. So is it real? Was it real? Is it worth holding on to faith in Christ in the midst of intense pressure and confusion?

These are some of the things Paul addresses in his letters to the Thessalonians. And from our perspective, how radically important are the teachings and values Paul gives to these first-followers!

I’m extremely excited about seeing what’s important enough in the Christian faith to be one of the first things God preserved for us in the New Testament, and I’d be greatly honored if you’d like to take that trip with us. What is the bedrock core of the Christian faith and what does it mean for my life today?

To sign up for the Thessalonians small group, just send us an email from the Contact screen, and you’ll be signed up—that’s all it takes. The following link will take you there:

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